"Piece for Oboe and Piano, is beautiful and invigorating-lyrical lines with staccato piano contrasting with legato oboe."  

Mark Greenfest- Sound Word Sight

"…five short poems by Blake (1757-1827)... Beginning with "The Lilly" and closing with "The Sick Rose," these segments seem to reflect a life cycle: first upbeat but disruptive, then more pensive and hopeful. A restless but wondering middle section gives way to a reflective series of descending chord clusters; then the final poem, a rumination on death, is accompanied by a surprisingly sanguine musical tone."

Jack Crager- New Music for the 21 Century

"Nailah Nombeko imbued her violin/piano duo, Obscurity, with a brooding Debussy-esque Impressionism. It made no excuses for its straightforward ABA1 structure, song form an appropriate choice for so lyrical a work…

David Gunn-New Music for the 21 Century

​"Nailah Nombeko is a young American composer, her setting of Blake's The Sick Rose was thoughtful and effective, banishing all thought of Britten's version."

Robert Hugill