Pianist: Yumi Suehiro

 Below is a slideshow of a performance of "Manifestations of Fear" choreographed by Evita Zacharioglou with music by Nailah Nombeko. 

This was the culmination of a long-term collaborative project with NYU and the JCC Manhattan where choreographer/composer pairs created new works which were premiered on February 16, 2017 at the JCC Manhattan.

Dancers: Eury German, Stephanie Kies, Andrea Puglisese and Angie Lu.


Photo Credit: Koon, JCC Manhattan 2017

Soprano, Jennifer Sgroe and pianist Eric Sedgwick at "The Blue Building" on March 27th, 2022. This picture was taken after her concert entitled "From Isolation to Inspiration."

Above are pictures that I took while I was in Kyiv Ukraine in 2018. I was a participant in "Kyiv Contemporary Music Days."

Below are photos taken at the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) for a concert that I curated for ETHEL Quartet's music festival on December 12th 2021.

​                            Photo Credit for all photos at the BPL is Gregg Richards

​Guitarist: Rupert Boyd

Sparks and Wiry Cries Concert on January 20, 2019. This was a four day festival in NYC at the DiMenna Center. 

Soprano: Adrienne Patino and Pianist: Marcia Eckert

​Violinist: Cory Lee

Pianist, Ishmael Wallace and soprano, Lisa Daehlin at St. Mary's Church Manhattanville. November 11th , 2017 premiere of "A Prophecy Against Babylon."

​​​Photo Credit: Nailah Nombeko

​Photo Credit: Martha Guth​